‘Not Alone 3’ Update

Hi everyone,

The much-anticipated third book in the Not Alone series is coming along nicely, but as yet remains without a confirmed title. I have a few ideas in mind and hope to be able to share my final choice by the time of my Q4 newsletter in December. The cover will be the next stage after the title, and I’ll likewise share that as soon as I have it.

The release date remains broadly on the schedule I mentioned in my quarterly newsletter back in June — ‘early 2019’ — which is later than the earlier target some of you may have seen in the initial Author’s Notes at the end of Not Alone: Second Contact. Publishing the third book in December 2018 was always a hope rather than an expectation, as I said in those notes, and it has not proven possible.

The publication gap between Not Alone (December 2015) and Not Alone: Second Contact (May 2018) was significantly longer than this gap is going to be, and I’m 100% committed to ensuring that the final gap this time out is no greater than a year.

As I stated in my June newsletter, things like publication arrangements and editing timeframes can influence the exact date; but in more general terms this is going to be another long and deep book, just like the previous two and just like I’m sure everyone hopes and expects, and I can’t compromise on quality. By the same token, though, I’m not going to hold the release date back if the book is ready to go sooner than expected.

I realise that a delay is never news anyone wants to hear. But as I said, a book like this just can’t be rushed.

And most importantly, it will be worth it.

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Thanks for your interest and support of the Not Alone series,