Terradox update

As it stands, Terradox will be published in March 2017.

An audio version will also be available, likely a few months after the ebook. Not Alone was recently selected as a finalist for Audible’s Best of 2016 so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing/hearing the upcoming Audible Studios production of Terradox.

TerradoxTerradox is a different kind of book than Not Alone, with a tighter focus on a smaller cast of characters and more of a fast-paced adventure feel.

In my mind I think of Not Alone as being like a sprawling TV series and Terradox more like a movie. My future books will lean towards the Not Alone side of these distinctions, so Terradox is and has been a fun departure.

Thanks for your continued interest and support,
Craig A. Falconer [December 2016]