Winter 2015 Release News

Hi everyone

It’s going to be a busy few months with both Sycamore X and Not Alone coming out in December.

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I’ll be sending subscribers an exclusive sneak-peak at Not Alone‘s first few chapters before the public release, and you will also get the chance to read a story from Sycamore X before anyone else.

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As always, thanks for your continued interest and support.
Craig A. Falconer

[11 October, 2015]


4 thoughts on “Winter 2015 Release News

  1. I have just finished reading Not Alone on my kindle and I would just like to say a brilliant read, very believable, a good story. Have you written anything on the same lines as Not Alone previously or in future.either in hardback or for kindle. Well done from Norma

    1. Hi Norma,

      Many thanks for your kind comment. I haven’t written anything particularly similar to Not Alone but I do have a new sci-fi novel coming out in December (Terradox). I also have a project planned for 2017 which will be more similar to Not Alone in terms of the scope and tone, but not the same subject matter.

      Thanks for your interest and support!

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