Not Alone: Second Contact — Out Now!

The wait is finally over…

Not Alone: Second Contact is now available! link link


They’re back, and the message can’t wait…

When a massive meteor lights up the sky over the remote island of Kerguelen, the world holds its breath. In Birchwood, Colorado, Dan McCarthy gets to work.

Following his incredible experiences of the previous year, Dan knows this was no natural occurrence. The Messengers are back — to finish what they started — and they didn’t come all this way for nothing…

Not Alone: Second Contact is the long-awaited sequel to Not Alone, a certified ‘Amazon Charts: Most Sold Fiction’ weekly bestseller and multi-time Kindle Unlimited All Star title.

The audiobook version will be available on July 17th, with James Patrick Cronin narrating again as in the internationally bestselling and ‘Best of 2016’ Finalist  production of Not Alone.

Terradox update

As it stands, Terradox will be published in March 2017.

An audio version will also be available, likely a few months after the ebook. Not Alone was recently selected as a finalist for Audible’s Best of 2016 so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing/hearing the upcoming Audible Studios production of Terradox.

TerradoxTerradox is a different kind of book than Not Alone, with a tighter focus on a smaller cast of characters and more of a fast-paced adventure feel.

In my mind I think of Not Alone as being like a sprawling TV series and Terradox more like a movie. My future books will lean towards the Not Alone side of these distinctions, so Terradox is and has been a fun departure.

Thanks for your continued interest and support,
Craig A. Falconer [December 2016]

Not Alone – audio edition now available

Audible Studios’ production of Not Alone is now available, narrated by the excellent James Patrick Cronin.

American readers/listeners can check it out at or, while UK readers can find it on or [For readers elsewhere, I think the US sites should work.]

Pricing is set by Audible, but readers who have purchased the ebook on Amazon will be able to purchase this audio edition for a much-reduced price.